Our Values

BellaVista » Investment Corporation

BVIC: More than an Investment Corporation.

 Bellavista Investment Corporation  is a fast-growing, forward-looking investment firm, focused on making strategic investments as opportunities arise both in Honduras and across the world. In our quest for innovative solutions, we will encourage well-conceived ideas and pursue new investment strategies with an aim of securing the wealth of Honduras for the benefit of future generations. We will undertake every possible measure to strengthen our commitment to sustainable growth, with diligent planning and thoughtful execution, supported by adopting best practices as expected of any socially responsible corporate entity.

 Bellavista Investment Corporation was founded in 1998, in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A., is a dinamic corporation, with a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from real estate to industrial parks, energy, plastics industry, hospitality due to the demands of a market for industry and commerce in the growing region of Sula Valley,which boomed significantly by the end of the decade of the 90's and early 2000.



 BVIC will: 
Direct a portfolio of assets and make new investments as opportunities arise.
Focus both locally, and increasingly internationally.
Direct its portfolio of assets to the highest level of international best practice in corporate governance.
Operate within clearly defined performance metrics.
Maintain a lean organization of highly talented & qualified people.


 BVIC will realize superior return on investment by: 
Providing protection and transparency for its assets within strong corporate structures
Identifying and nurturing specific assets through to privatization
Broadening its pool of assets as opportunities arise through
mergers and acquisitions.